Empower a woman, Impact generations

Lydia’s Mission provides jobs for women, feeds children and cares for the elderly, creating an open door to present the Gospel and allow The Lord to transform hearts.

Empower a Woman

As a Lydia's Mission partner, you'll invest in a woman's life by:

Meeting Her Need

Your gift helps to secure regular income for a woman eager to feed, educate and provide for her family.

Embracing Her Heart

As part of the program, she will be invited to join other women in discipleship and bible study.

Changing Her World

Feeling confident, loved and divinely worthy – she’ll be breaking generations of poverty and lighting up her world.

Empower A Woman


With just a small group of regular donors, Lydia’s Mission is a deeply personal way you can make a difference in Christ’s name. Bypassing, sometimes, rigid bureaucracy that comes with larger organizations, Lydia’s Mission addresses the needs of women, as Christ would. As a partner, you know that at least 90% of your gift goes directly to help real women, children and seniors eager for change. And, with regular updates, you’ll never wonder if it is working.

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God has been calling me to the mission field for as long as I can remember. What I didn’t know is how many lives He would intertwine in my journey along the way. As partners of Lydia’s Mission, you are helping to meet the physical needs of women as they earn a regular income. As physical needs are met, you’ve made room for God to transform their hearts. Thank you for following God’s nudging to be part of something that matters… something bigger than all of us. It’s a real honor to serve alongside you.

Love, Claire