The Farm
The Farm


Lydia’s Mission equips women with farming skills that contribute to empowering their families and the greater community. 70+ South African women work in the ministry and many are tending over an acre of gardens and another acre of greenhouses(tunnels) and caring for farm animals to help feed the surrounding area and generate funds to support a self-sustaining economic ministry model. The food grown on the farm feeds community children at our Hope Centers and supports the work of the ministry financially. 


We envision expanding the farming initiatives to support our food supply year round. This will create additional jobs for local women and grow our capacity to serve our community and change hearts for The Lord.

Why this matters

As our infrastructure grows, so does our ability to hire. When we can hire more women, we can change more lives, empower the greater community and present the Gospel to many more families. When more women are hired, more food is grown, and a greater number of children are fed. Our farms help our ministry meet more needs and feed body and soul.

Imagine a community fed & ready for the gospel.