Garbage Dump Ministry Bible Studies
Garbage Dump Ministry Bible Studies

Where it all began ...

In 2015, God introduced our founder Claire to women working in a garbage dump who were desperate to care for their families. So much so that they spent agonizingly long days in the miserable work conditions of a literal garbage dump.

Claire’s heart broke instantly for the hardest working women she had ever met. And, with your generous prayers and support, God began to piece together a program to help empower these women out of the dump and into income-generating work that makes them proud.

We continue to visit the visit the dump where it all began, hosting weekly bible studies and connecting women with resources.  This has expanded to additional women’s groups around the region as well.

Growing Hearts for God + Our Community

We continue to visit the Garbage dump weekly to pray with our women and encourage their hearts with the Word of God. When we look for a new hire for the farm, the sewing center, Gogo centers or the Hope centers, we come to the women who work at the dump first.

We were once averaging 15 women in attendance and now are meeting with upwards of 80 women weekly. We not only pray that more women attend, but that each woman continues to deepen her relationship with The Lord and grow in spiritual maturity. Our community always speaks of “answered prayers from under the tree” and we are grateful the mighty way The Lord is moving in such a humble place.

In a dark place, the Light of Christ Shines.