Mission Trips

Join us in South Africa for mission, worship, and learning.

We host many teams are year at our Ministry Center and see lives changed, eyes opened, and powerful partnerships forged.

Are you interested in joining a team? Or bringing your church along for the mission of a lifetime?

Contact our Executive Director, Mitch at [email protected]

Hear Team Testimonies!

Serving at Lydia’s Mission was a wonderful experience! Even though I was there to serve and be a blessing to others, I was blessed as much or more. The staff went above and beyond to care for us. They were so friendly, loving and kind. I went away feeling like they are family.
We worked hard and were exhausted at times, but it was all so rewarding! I loved interacting with the women that work on the farm and especially our morning greeting and worship together. I thank Lydia’s Mission for a wonderful experience and opportunity. 


I feel so blessed to have seen God at work through Lydia’s Mission. It was inspirational to see the Mission staff interact with so many components of the surrounding communities; the local churches, the Gogo Center, the Hope Centers and more. They are truly transforming peoples lives to help them come closer to God. I feel like my efforts were tiny in comparison but I’m so grateful to contribute that small piece. 


This was an experience that gave me great Hope for the work being done there. God is truly working through Lydia’s Mission. I was shocked by Claire’s testimony and all that she has accomplished with God’s help over the years. 

The sustainability and building “Long lasting relationships” to help people to continue to grow in their faith is amazing. There is no enabling or wasted efforts. People are fed but are also truly fed by the bread of life! They are also reaching all generations of the community, small children all the way to the elderly.
I am so excited to see this Mission grow and plan to support it as the years go on. I cannot wait to go back and also take my children there some day. This may be a small portion of the great harvest but so very important in a South African community that is struggling in so many ways. If you are hearing the Holy Spirit calling you to Lydia”s Mission don’t hesitate, GO!