$40 opens the doors to education

Give a uniform. Change a life.

At Lydia’s Mission, we empower action that inspires generational impact.

The most significant burden that our women face is sending their kids back to school. Here in South Africa, a child must wear a required uniform, or they will be turned away. Without a uniform, there is no education. This uniform costs around $40 and represents nearly an entire month’s wages for households in our community. A choice is often between feeding the family or sending a child back to school.

But together, we change that!

This year once again, we hope to send the children at our Hope Centers back to school and relieve this burden from their families. No child should be refused an education because they can’t afford the uniform.

When you donate for a school uniform, you change a child’s life and empower a generation. This is a simple but impactful way to support our community.

Help us reach our goal and bless many children, women, and families. When you give $40 and provide a school uniform, lives will be changed.

Thank you for your generosity!