Another Section 19 Story: Ncamsile

Ncamsile is another kid from Section 19. Ncamsile and his brother moved in with their uncle and aunt because their parents could not support them. Many children get moved to where the money and food is available in the family. Ncamsile has Multiple Sclerosis and is 16 years old. Next year he will be enrolled into school. He is very bright, but has a challenge walking because of the Sclerosis.IMG_1442
Our team brought along a jump castle to Section 19 for the kids. I noticed, as all the kids were excited, jumping up and down and screaming when the jump castle was being set up. Ncamsile was making his way across the yard in the opposite direction. I grabbed a translator and we asked him if he wanted to try the jump castle. He said that he could not. We asked him if he wanted to just sit on the jump castle and after a few moments he decided to try. We helped him into the castle and from then his smile started to get larger and larger. He bounced around for a bit but then his brother and I pull him up to his feet. He began jumping. For the first time EVER! His face was full of joy and his grin was from ear-to-ear. The big smile on his face matched mine.

I can only imagine that the emotions I was feeling watching him jump for the first time are similar to God when we give our lives to him for the first time. I could not be happier helping Ncamsile and was thinking that maybe he made God smile when he did. Jumping for joy was made possible for Ncamsile after he believed he could do it. With God all things are possible for those who believe.

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