Music From My Heart

As a little kid one of my favorite activities was to have my dad sing over me. Whether I was trying to fall asleep, waking up or throughout the day. It was a moment that always confirmed how much I was loved by my father. He used to travel a lot for work so he recorded himself singing me songs to go to sleep by that I would play continuous until he returned. I grew up seeing him sing praises to the Lord in our local church and knowing that he loved God even more than me.

IMG_1358 When I arrived in South Africa our team was just starting a Sunday night English service in Badplaas. Darryl our team leader roped me into joining him in singing worship. Talk about feeling unequipped! I never really thought much about having a good voice because that’s not why I sang. I sang to praise the Lord. Since then I have been singing almost every Sunday night. As I sing to the Lord and worship him it I know it pleases God. It brings back those same feelings of being loved as when my earthly father sang over me. Never did I image serving the Lord in this capacity in the mission field, but the Lord has used it. He has used it to show me He is pleased and that I am loved! These are constant and needed reminders that I focus on daily. So whether I am singing and praising the Lord by candle light in my rundavel or at church, I know that I am loved and that he is pleased. Now I can’t wait for my earthy father and mom to come here and we can sing together our praises. Make a joyful noise!

Empower a Woman. Impact Generations.

Lydia’s Mission empowers and teaches women skills in rural South Africa to feed, educate, and care for their children by earning a living wage. When a woman begins to grasp her value in Christ through discipleship and Biblical training, her life becomes the first ripple of hope…that will last for generations.