My Swazi Family
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I spent the summer of 2012 in Swaziland with an outstanding team of volunteers from Adventures in Missions. One of our translators assigned to help us communicate in SiSwati was named Nozipho. I connected with her right from the beginning. We did life together that summer, serving and worshipping the Lord. Nozipho told me toward the end of the summer about their living situation. Her three children and husband were all living in a very small hut. She told me they were being forced to move, but the house they were in the process of building didn’t have a roof, windows and doors. My heart broke for this family and I felt the Lord calling me to put my faith into action. I wrote a blog and had a family in America who wanted to provide the funds to help provide for a roof over the family. My parents and I pitched in as well to help get the project fully funded. It was my privilege during my last week in Swaziland to take Nozipho and her husband Ben to a building supply store where together we purchased the materials. I stayed in contact with Nozipho through email over the past 3 years. I longed to visit them again to see her and her family and their finished house as I had prayed faithfully for the family for the past three years.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, September 26th. I drove with one of my teammates from my house in South Africa to Swaziland where I was united with their sweet family after three long years. We caught up on life, heard updates about jobs, church and the children. It was a wonderful day being reunited with the family. The children are now 12, 10 and 8. Her husband Ben is still out of work, but the Lord has blessed them by providing a job for Nozipho. I saw the finished house and a picture we took in 2012 hanging on their fridge. I continue to pray for her family and for God to meet their needs. Right now the three children sleep on the same twin-size foam mattress on the floor. I am praying faithfully that the Lord will provide the funds that next time I go to visit I would be able to take proper beds. To end the day I said goodbye Ben the father told me they loved me and to visit again soon. So in honor of my love for this family and theirs for me, my full siswati name is Sibahle Msibi, their last name.

If you would like to help provide funds for beds for this family or support the work that is happening in South Africa please click the donate button in the upper right hand corner. All donations are extremely helpful – both onetime gifts or monthly. Thank you and I ask for your continued prayers for my ministry as I pray for you.

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