Pressing On To The Goal

Pressing On To The Goal

Acts 20:24 states, “I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

I’m pressing onto the goal the Lord has laid before me. I am no different or more qualified than anyone else. My life is truly not my own, but the Lords. So I press on through the hard times and the good times with ministry here in South Africa.

One of my ministries that I am leading is Tutoring and School of Ministry. We meet at a local church in the township called Badplaas Alliance. We offer this program for students grade 8 through grade 12. Bruce Caldwell is the brains for the tutoring part and I lead the School of Ministry. We also offer transport for the students so I serve as a taxi driver as well. 😉 My vehicle legally seats seven people but my record is sixteen. Life in Africa is always an adventure! My goal for the School of Ministry is to find a connection point for the students to make the bible applicable to their current lives.










In August, I had the pleasure of being in my first Africa wedding. I was the Maid of Honor for Fakile. It was a cultural lesson for sure. Unlike wedding in America the bridal party here in South Africa plan dances to go up and down the aisle. So for weeks prior to wedding I spent with the whole bridal party learning and practicing these dances. I had a blast and it was truly a blessing. It was in moments like these I feel like I truly fit into this culture and the color of my skin does not matter.Fikile select-180IMG_3743









Lydia Circle is going well. Each week my ladies are hearing more and more about faith, Jesus and a true relationship with God. I have been using a prewritten study called the Story Formed Way and than adding to it to make it culturally relevant. The main purpose of this study is to walk through the story of God and lay a solid foundation. With all of these women being very new believers and some not there yet this has been essential. Just two weeks ago we studied in-depth Jesus’ torture, death and resurrection. As I was teaching I saw tears streaming down many faces. Not one of them had heard the full story before. God is moving in such a powerful way at the dump and I am blessed to be apart of God’s story happening there.Lydia Circle-23

Lydia’s Market is also going well. The ladies have been very busy in their spare time making different types of mats, baskets and brooms. Every week I continue to purchase and every week the Lord has been providing new buyers or selling opportunities, which is a huge blessing. Especially since the buying and selling is based on a cycle, the more products I sell the more money I have to purchase. I do not make any money off of this project and continue to find the balance between paying the women fairly for the products and breaking even.Lydia Circle-28

IMG_3916My ministry mission statement is, “Partnering with God to make a difference, one life at a time.” My ministry goal is to build relationships and walk alongside people in an effort to meet them where they’re at. While doing that I am trying to avoid creating dependence, but create relationships and opportunities that feed long-term sustainability. My time on the mission field has taught me this is the only model that truly works.

It all boils down to loving people as Christ first loved us and responding to His great commission. Yes I have made mistakes in relationships along with ministry, but the Lord helps me learn and more forward. So I press on with love. I don’t see myself any better than those I serve as we are all people created by God. It’s not about them and me, but truly is a better together “we.” I choose to press on.

Empower a Woman. Impact Generations.

Lydia’s Mission empowers and teaches women skills in rural South Africa to feed, educate, and care for their children by earning a living wage. When a woman begins to grasp her value in Christ through discipleship and Biblical training, her life becomes the first ripple of hope…that will last for generations.