Supporting South Africa’s Women

Supporting South Africa’s Women Physically, Emotionally, Financially and Spiritually

Many African women I encounter tell me their greatest worry is for providing food for their children. The majority (74%) of the women are single mothers living in unimaginable poverty. Part of this campaign of supporting Africa’s Women is to start a feeding program in the local farm village and to raise enough funds needed to feed 120 children at least 3 days a week throughout 2017.

An important aspect of supporting Africa’s women is to create much needed jobs. This is where Lydia’s Market comes into play as a micro-business program that helps teach the women different handcrafts in order to gain a sustainable income to support themselves and their family. The women create products with a purpose. There are many supply needs for our program in order to make this a reality.

Lastly, supporting Africa’s women helps to meet the women’s spiritual needs. Lydia Circle is the bible study and discipleship aspect of the ministry. The goal is that every women gets a bible in their native language, a personal journal and continual teaching of the importance building a relationship with Christ.

Please consider supporting this campaign buy purchasing one of the following shirts or making a donation!  The shirt’s will arrive before Christmas and would make wonderful gifts!

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Empower a Woman. Impact Generations.

Lydia’s Mission empowers and teaches women skills in rural South Africa to feed, educate, and care for their children by earning a living wage. When a woman begins to grasp her value in Christ through discipleship and Biblical training, her life becomes the first ripple of hope…that will last for generations.