The Committed 12!

Lydia’s Circle Update


Lydia’s Circle, the ministry I started at the local dump has consumed my heart. Please read my blog post God is moving for how this group started if you have not. We have been studying the book of James and focused this past week on chapter 2. James discusses principles of faith. I poured out my heart about genuine faith not religion or a task list you must complete. I told them about living a lukewarm lifestyle (not fully committed and going through the motions) especially in high school. I also was very open in telling them how that affected my life and began a dark season of depression and desperation. But through Christ, commitment, and faith I’ve changed my life and God has redeemed it. When I was finished I trusted the Lord to ask if anyone wanted to accept Christ, a question that had been asked a few times to them since the ministry started. One women responded when you state it like that why would we not want Christ. I was blown away. When I drove away from the dump, I remembered the first time I met the women and I knew that God was not finished with me yet. Now I can see He has only begun!

Empower a Woman. Impact Generations.

Lydia’s Mission empowers and teaches women skills in rural South Africa to feed, educate, and care for their children by earning a living wage. When a woman begins to grasp her value in Christ through discipleship and Biblical training, her life becomes the first ripple of hope…that will last for generations.