The Last will Become First – Gogo Style
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Gogo (grandmother) Hambaphi’s story is described well by Matthew 20:16 when he writes, “so the last will be first and the first will become last.” Gogo lives in Swaziland in a place called Section 19 in the middle of the sugar cane fields. She has no children or other family to look after her. Did I mention she is 95 years old?!? Her face shows years of deep wear, struggle and survival.

Our team was walking around and noticed her house was unlivable. It was falling over. It was the worst structure in Section 19. Above are the before and almost complete pictures of Gogo’s home. Christ said in the New Testament that the last will be first. That day Gogo became that. She went from the worst house to one of the best. It is what happens when the Lord touches our lives as His children. She now has her own secure home with a locking door and windows. This helps remove much fear for her safely and the little food she has. It wasn’t by anything she did to earn this, but the Father looked down upon his child and blessed her. God loves Gogo Hambaphi. The best part is now she can live in that house safely and rent free!!

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