Youth Day and Soccer

Youth Day

Youth Day is a public holiday in South Africa observed on June 16th to mark the protests led by high school students in 1976. They were protesting in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in all black schools. June 16th celebrate the change that has occurred in the country but also help to continue empowering the youth of this current generation by showing them that they can be a powerful voice here and now.
I was asked by one10390213_3224154409500_1899780455862635330_n of the local church leaders, Pastor Wonder, to be the keynote speaker for their celebration. The event gathered youth from 2 local churches and was a day of worship, dancing, drama, poems and testimonies. The celebration went from 10am to 5pm with roughly 200 youth attending. It was powerful to say the least.
I spoke in the afternoon and focused on the topic of empowering the youth for Christ. I used the examples of Timothy and of the small boy who Christ used to feed the 5,000. I focused on 1 Timothy 4:16, ” don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” I challenged them to set the example and to not give anyone a reason to look down upon them.

It was a beautiful time and it was well received. God is moving in these kid’s lives and I can’t wait to see how they bring about change in this community.

Soccer Tournament

Another ministry that I have led was planning a soccer tournament. I grew up playing soccer and love the game, but playing soccer here gives me a greater purpose to the game. It’s not competing for playing time or stressing over the number of wins. Instead it is focusing on how to use a game I love and that basically a second language here for a bigger picture. I am excited about the potential here for that reason and it has provided me a new love for the game.

On Sunday, the mission team from America hosted and played in a soccer tournament. We had 4 teams, refs and a trophy for the winning team. Between games I shared a message of how the game of soccer is like faith. I explained how the role of a coach is similar to the characteristics of God and the need to train in order to succeed and compared that to the necessity for spiritual practices to grow. Lastly, how players and their team need to finish the game well and push to the prize or press into God and receive eternal life.

Both opportunities of ministry were wonderful and I can see God moving. I am excited to see how He continues to use me here in South Africa, but more importantly how He continues to move. It’s not about me it’s about He who is greater than me.
Your prayer and support of the ministry that is happening here in South Africa it is a huge blessing. Please continue to pray for our team and consider clicking on the donate button above. All the honor and the glory belongs to Him.

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