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Lydia's Mission9 hours ago
The roads we travel here in eManzana are mainly dirt. Some really aren’t even roads but more like paths. So, many times we have to “create” our own road in order to get to where we're trying to go. There are not street signs in these township roads or nicely displayed house numbers to identify whose house is whose. This is the area of town where we spend most of our time doing ministry. One could image the challenge of finding houses for the people we have heard are in need.

That was the case today. We could so easily been have frustration causing us to give up, turned into God’s directions to a family He wanted help. We had very general directions to a Gogo's (grandmother) house who we heard was living in a mud shack and struggling with hunger. We knew the part of town and a rough idea of a group of houses but wasn’t sure more than that to find the Gogo. We got close and began looking for someone to ask for directions. We stopped when we saw a boy about 10 years old outside of his house. He came over to his fence and we asked him for directions which he gave us.

We then asked why he wasn’t in school since it was still school hours. He began to say that his father didn’t have enough money to buy him a school uniform, so he wasn’t able to attend school yet this year. As we were talking, we began to unload the emergency food parcel for the Gogo who we had set out to find. The boy looked at us and said “that’s a lot of food, I wish we had food at my house” (Direct quote, translated from the siSwati he spoke).

We knew we could not just leave his family to struggle so we gave him an extra food parcel we had in the car. His father came out of their home and was extremely grateful! We also told him we would bring him a school uniform the next day so that way he could attend school again this year. His eyes lit up!

He then proceeded to walk with us to show us his neighbor’s house where we found the grandmother and her grand-baby in a small two room mud shack. Poverty was written all over the situation. A small black pot sitting on old ashes that looked to be days old - a signal that of the last time they had food to cook a meal. The gratitude overflowed as the Gogo fought back tears as we gave her an emergency food parcel and diapers for her grandchild.

God was moving and directing. He continues to provide, showing that His plan is greater than the ones we set. He continues to guides us daily and continues to guide Lydia’s Mission. For that, we are grateful. Please say a prayer for both families.
Lydia's Mission
Lydia's Mission3 days ago
Our garden structures of 3 and 4 are complete! Now to prepare the soil and install irrigation!!
Lydia's Mission
Lydia's Mission6 days ago
A mother approached us the other day. She said (direct quote just translated) “my kids just want to go to school like the other kids and I just want to be able to feed my kids like the other moms”

She walked away with food for her family and school uniforms for her kids to be able to attend school now.

Thank you Lord for your provision!

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